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This pedal requires an external regulated 9V/500mA power supply (optional). I recommend the BOSS PSA 120S or 230S or any other low noise power supply with the polarity: postive@ring / negative@tip.
Do NOT supply this pedal with more than 9 volts!

During the tube warm-up period, the status LED will flash for
30 seconds while the pedal remains in bypass mode.
Afterwards the KALUNA is ready to go and the pedal can be activated.

Vahlbruch KALUNA II: High Voltage Tube Drive

New upgraded version with more features!

  • Significant expansion of the drive range: Version II has now a "Structure"" switch that allows you to choose between the familiar gain structure of the first version ("V1") and a higher gain mode ("hot") or even a lower gain mode ("low") !
  • In addition, this new version contains an overvoltage protection circuit that prevents damage to the tube if a power supply with more than 9V is accidentally connected.

    The Valbruch KALUNA is a new and completely original design featuring an ECC83/12AX7 tube that is 100% pure analog tone! Operating at 250 volts, the dual triode tube circuit is powered by your standard 9V power supply, producing this very particular sweet harmonic content, overdrive clarity, fast pick attack response and complex compression, that we all love from cranked tube amps. The KALUNA is a super versatile, intuitive drive pedal with an extremely open sound that's transparent with great dynamics. The gain characteristics from the KALUNA are organic and three dimensional, delivering mild breakup to creamy saturation.
    The KALUNA's unique circuit bears extraordinary touch sensitivity. Every musical nuance generated from your picking attack is exactly reproduced. The post tube, three band tone controls are extremely responsive, which is perfect for tailoring your tone to your specific gear and sound.
    The Vahlbruch KALUNA tube pedal definitely sounds different compared to solid state pedals and with its great clarity it will never mask the natural sound of your guitar and amplifier.

    This pedal is equipped with my unique Magnetic Transducer Button = "MagTraB" switching technology:

    Inside the button a magnet is integrated which position is measured by a sensor on the circuit board. If the button is now moved, e.g. if it is pressed downwards, the position of the magnet will also change. The sensor measures this change without any mechanical contact to the button and the information is send via a micro-controller to a gold-plated relay, which then does the actual audio signal switching. The advantages:

    • MagTraB buttons are as good as indestructible!
      MagTraB delivers an almost infinite number of switching cycles - many, many millions!
    • No annoying, mechanical switch clicks!
      Instead, the "MagTraB" push-buttons switch very smooth and quiet!

    In only 4 steps you can choose if the pedal powers up in "true bypass" or "on"-mode:

    Step 1: Disconnect the power supply.
    Step 2: Hold down the "MagTraB" button.
    Step 3: Reconnnect the power supply, while remain pressing the "MagTraB" button.
    Step 4: Release the "MagTraB" button.

    In order to undo the programming, simply repeat the steps 1-4. The next time your pedal powers up, it will automatically start in "on" in "true bypass" mode, just depending on what you have stored.

    • Sturdy and unique "MagTraB" switching technology
    • New and completely original design featuring a ECC83/12AX7 tube that is 100% pure analog tone!
    • The tube operating voltage of 250 volts is generated inside the pedal from your standard 9V power line.
    • Intuitive DRIVE and VOLUME controls
    • Extremely responsive, post tube, three band tone controls providing a boost/cut range of +/- 12dB
    • The EQ is perfect for tailoring your tone to your specific gear and sound
    • Input impedance: 1.0M Ohms, output impedance: 100 Ohms
    • Current consumption: 500mA
    • Dimensions: 120mm x 100mm x 48mm
    • Weight: 375g
    • Handmade in Germany